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How to make money online: $800 per month

July 5, 2011

Here we go. I’m going to show you, step by step, how you are able to make about $800 per month with adsense. It is so straightforward that even a teenager can create money from this. I call this method: the way to make income on the internet for beginners or how you can make funds online as a teenager! 🙂

Initial, let’s set up what you will need: 1 web site or a landing page with a domain and hosting, an adsense account plus a Craigslist account. You’ll require 20 minutes of your time everyday at the same time. 20 minutes per day to create $800 per day! Not so bad!!

Considering that this is involved Real Estate foreclosure, the first thing you will need is really a domain with the word “foreclosure” in it. So, go to and inside the search field, use something like “word foreclosure” or “foreclosure word”. An example could be “searchforeclosure” or “foreclosureguide”. Sky’s the limit with the word accessible on the market. Plus, take a dot com instead of a dot net or dot info. It’s going to price you less than 10 bucks so no biggie here.

When you have your domain, you will need a hosting to host your website files. Go to Plans start off at less than $4 per month. So it is inexpensive.

Now, for the files, let me show you how to make your landing page. You will get all the explaination on the How you can make cash on the internet site.

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